Monday, 24 March 2014


Bump. Yeah it's been ages since my last entry here, but then again it's not such a great pause as the previous one. Now what I'm putting out here is not excactly high and mighty stuff, but at this point any activity is progress and as such I will treat any andeavour as a full entry in the blog.

So onwards to the artwork itself. Up until now I created my artworks with my trusted pencil and I would then use the pc in order to apply colour and finish it. As some of you already know there are artists who make their artworks entirely on their pc without the usage of any tradional mediums. Well today I thought I'd give it a try and see for myself what can be done by me in this style.

Granted it's a simple piece of art but I did not want to delve to deep in a first try and instead opted to play with a simple theme. So the result is the artwork below and it is entirely made on my pc. Don't know if I'll use this way of drawing again in the future but I sure had fun making this...

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