Saturday, 21 July 2012

Ex Chaos Ut Infinitio

These past two months in spite the lack of entries here, I have been working tirelessly on several projects. One of my main goals was to evolve artistically with emphasis given on artworks created 40% with pencil on paper and 60% on my pc digitally. I want to create a personal style; a fusion of traditional and digital drawing. I also decided to give more attention to the background and spend lots and lots of time on each artwork in order to achieve a higher level result.

The first "fruit of my labour" is the artwork shown below (expect more and better ones soon, as I have more projects in the making and I'm already working on them). It has a few different inspirations but the main one comes from a song of my favourite band (those who are familiar will understand). For the title I chose latin as I find this language epic and much to my liking.

Now the concept in my mind represents the act of rising above chaos and into eternity. I believe all of us face several problems in life, be they health, financial or emotional. So this artwork represents the act of overcoming such problems and reaching the happiness we all deserve. We must never give up on trying to reach that hapinness and above all; never lose hope.