Sunday, 16 September 2012


Greetings. Again it's been some time since my last entry, but there were several reasons for the delay... Anyway this is my latest finished artwork. It follows the style of my latest work but at the same time it is a step forward towards evolution.

The title is “Exaltation” and I wanted to confer this feeling on the focal point of the artwork which is the angelic being ascending to the sky. The setting is in a distant (or not so distant) future where an apocalyptic event occurs (what exactly I will leave to your imagination); hence the use of the crimson/red theme. I always thought that is such an event celestial beings such as her would be present. Several religions and cults have claimed an impending ending to the world as we know it, realised in various different ways and from various different views. This is how such an event would come to be; in my mind at least.

From a technical point of view in this artwork I worked on the background as much (if not more) as on the character. Compared to my other digital artworks this is by far the one I have spent the most time working on. About seven or eight separate sketches were drawn in order for the composition to be complete. All in all I feel this is my best digital work so far...