Monday, 11 June 2012

Demolition Train - Kill Your Boss EP - New Edition

In light of the creation of the band's new logo and since the copies of the "Kill Your Boss" demo/EP were sold out, the guys decided to give something to the fans until the release of their first full length album. A new edition of it will be reprinted in a more proffesional and artistic way. This time a small booklet will be included with lyrics of the songs and portraits of the band members.

As it was decided on a whim there was not much time, but I worked to make a revamp of the initial artwork (this time using the new logo) and handle all the layout of the booklet and the album art as a whole. It was certainly a learning experience; one that will prove to be of value in my future endeavors too.

All in all the result is nice and the album feels now more like an EP rather than a demo. Anyway I decided to post the new version of the front cover here in remembrance of the completion of the project.

For those interested in the music of the band you can visit and contact them in their myspace page:

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