Monday, 15 October 2012

Futureal II

Well it's time for a new entry for my blog and this time the theme is a bit more “cyber” if you like. Recently I finally managed to buy a Multi Media Tablet. For those not familiar it is the thingy that looks like a board and lets what you draw on it be transferred immediately in your pc. Boy was I scared in the beginning. I thought that I wouldn't be able to use the tablet properly and that it would be like going back to school...

Apparently I was wrong. It was like I have been always using it. The feeling of the pencil was there with me and it all felt very natural. Perhaps playing too many video games may have helped with eye to hand coordination, who knows? And who cares? What's important is that I can make it work and that yet another chapter begins in my artistic evolution.

As I didn't know what to expect using the tablet I opted to not do anything too complicated and decided to make a portrait. The subject of this artwork is an old idea revisited. The girl is a cyborg and represents the future and the era in which we live. An era where technology and science reach new levels in a quick pace; perhaps too quick for us to adjust properly. All this comes at the expense of tradition and the cozy good old themes that kept the hearts of men warm. This old era is represented (oppressed and neglected but always within us and with us) inside the medallion the girl wears and is a window/portal to an old traditional child's room. So here it is...

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